Small Double

120 x 190 cm

At a Glance


120 x 190 cm

Comfortably Sleeps
Total Sleep Area
Space Per Sleeper

In Detail

What are the dimensions of a Small Double size bed?

The dimensions of a small double size mattress are 120 centimetres by 190 centimetres. A noticeable increase in width makes a small double bed great for a larger teenager or a single adult. If you sleep with a pet, this size mattress will be much more enjoyable than a single or king single. They can comfortably fit a single adult with pets or two adults at a squeeze.

Who is a Small Double mattress suitable for?

Small double mattresses are a good pick for a single adult who enjoys more sleeping surface than a standard single. The extra width allows back and stomach sleepers to stretch out. It is also a good fit for a guest room, especially if you often have partners visit. Two adults can be comfortable on this size bed for a few days, but it would be best to buy a larger size if the mattress is more permanent.

Small Double vs. Double

A small double mattress has the same length, but slightly less width (15 centimetres) than a standard double size mattress.  While both can fit two adults, the small double is better for smaller sleepers or those without pets. A double bed will allow a few more centimetres to stretch out or squeeze in a pet.

Small Double vs. Single

If you're debating between a small double mattress and a single mattress, the only difference is the width. A double has an additional 30 centimetres across the surface compared to a single. Single adults usually prefer a small double size bed over a single.