United Kingdom
Bed Sizes

An overview of common United Kingdom bed dimensions and mattress sizes.

60 x 190 cm
A small single size mattress measures 60 x 190 cm and is suitable for a single sleeper. This bed is ideal for one child, teenager, or small adult. Its dimensions are perfect for smaller rooms and studio apartments.
90 x 190 cm
A single mattress provides enough sleeping space for one individual. Its dimensions are 90 x 190 cm, which makes it a good choice for a single, tall sleeper. A single bed is great for guest rooms or smaller bedrooms.
120 x 190 cm
The dimensions of a small double mattress are 120 x 190 cm. This bed size can sleep two small adults without pets. It is also an ideal size for a single adult who sleeps with pets.
135 x 190 cm
A double mattress measures in at 135 x 190 cm, which is a good size for one adult with pets or two adults without pets. This bed offers more room than a full if you have a partner or larger animals.
150 x 200 cm
A standard king mattress measures in at 150 x 200 cm. With a larger width, a king bed is ideal for a single adult with pets and/or children, or for two adults with a child or large pet.
180 x 200 cm
A super king mattress is 180 x 200 cm, which is great for an adult who enjoys having extra sleeping space with multiple children or pets. It is also provides ample room for two adults with multiple children or pets.

How to choose the right mattress size

Purchasing a new mattress is a huge decision — and one size definitely does not fit all. Before buying, it's important to figure out which bed is best for your sleeping habits and space.

You should consider your preferred sleeping position, height and weight, a partner, the number of pillows you use, and how much personal room you like. Also, you may want to consider adding extra room for pets or children jumping in the bed.

To help you choose the best bed size, see the list of UK mattress dimensions and descriptions below.

Dimensions Table
Bed Size Dimensions
Small Single 60 x 190 cm
Single 90 x 190 cm
Small Double 120 x 190 cm
Double 135 x 190 cm
King 150 x 200 cm
Super King 180 x 200 cm