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38 x 80 in

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38 x 80 in

Comfortably Sleeps
Total Sleep Area
Space Per Sleeper

In Detail

What are the dimensions of a Twin XL size bed?

Twin XL mattresses measure in at 38 inches by 80 inches. Slightly longer than a twin mattress, this bed size is better for guest bedrooms. By combining two twin XL mattresses, you can create a king size bed. Plus, it's easy to separate the beds when you have multiple guests. This size is also ideal for small studios or pull-out beds.

Who is a TwinXL mattress suitable for?

A twin XL is a good fit for children, tall teenagers, or short adults. If you want a mattress that will last through multiple growth spurts, this is a better choice than a twin size bed. Adults are also more comfortable on a twin XL thanks to extra legroom.

TwinXL vs. Full

The next size up from a twin XL mattress is a full (or double) mattress. The full provides an additional 16 inches of width, but takes 5 inches off of the length. While a twin XL is good for a single sleeper, a full is more comfortable if snoozing with pets.

Twin XL vs. Twin

Compared to a twin, the twin XL is the same width — yet 5 inches longer. Even with this extra space, a twin XL is still best for one sleeper. However, the additional legroom is more comfortable for tall adults or teenagers.