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76 x 80 in

At a Glance


76 x 80 in

Comfortably Sleeps
Total Sleep Area
Space Per Sleeper

In Detail

What are the dimensions of a King size bed?

A king size bed has dimensions of 76 inches by 80 inches. This roomy bed size comfortably sleeps two adults, even with children or pets. Since this mattress size is the same as putting two twin XL mattresses together, it's simple to customize firmness. If one partner prefers a firm feel and the other a medium firmness, they can simply buy two twin XLs and create a king. However, there are king mattress available that let you adjust each side individually.

Who is a King mattress suitable for?

Due to its ample size, a king mattress is best for an adult with multiple pets and/or children, or two adults with a large pet. Two sleepers have enough room to freely move around, which is great if you prefer extra room to stretch out. A king size bed is also good for larger bedrooms, since they easily fill and balance out a space.

King vs. California King

The next size up from a king mattress is a California king bed. While a king size mattress is 4 inches wider than a California king, it is also 4 inches shorter. If you sleep with a partner and multiple pets, it may make sense to upgrade to a California king. However, remember to consider the layout and size of your bedroom before purchasing either mattress.

King vs. Queen

Relative to a queen size mattress, a king mattress offers the same length but is 16 inches wider. A king bed makes more sense if you have a partner and enjoy personal sleeping space. However, if you don't mind snuggling close, or have a smaller master bedroom, a queen mattress is likely a better choice.