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California King

72 x 84 in

An overview of common California King mattress sizes


At a Glance


72 x 84 in

Comfortably Sleeps
Total Sleep Area
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In Detail

What are the dimensions of a California King size bed?

The largest mattress available, a California king bed measures in at 72 inches by 84 inches. This size is ideal for tall couples, adults who enjoy a lot of personal room, or families with children and pets. It's perfect for large master bedrooms, although it's important to consider bedding will cost more for this size mattress.

Who is a California King mattress suitable for?

A California king mattress is great for large families or tall adults. It provides maximum room for stretching out, and snoozing with pets or children. Before purchasing, make sure to take measurements to ensure it will fit in your bedroom.

California King vs. King

Surprisingly, a California king mattress is not as wide as a king mattress. However, it is 4 inches longer. This extra legroom makes it good for pets who like to snooze at the end of a bed, or for tall partners.