92 x 188 cm

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92 x 188 cm

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In Detail

What are the dimensions of a Single size bed?

Single mattress dimensions are 92 cm by 188 cm — the smallest mattress you can buy besides toddler beds. Due to its small size, a single bed is often purchased for children and young teenagers. Small adults can fit in a single size bed, but it may seem too short for adults over 6 feet tall. This size mattress is commonly used in smaller bedrooms or in guest rooms.

Who is a Single mattress suitable for?

A single mattress is great for children who have outgrown their cribs and need freedom to get in and out of bed. It is also a good fit for young teenagers who are under 6 feet tall. While single beds can be used for guests, it may seem small for some adults.

Single vs. King Single

Single mattresses are 15 centimetres shorter than king single mattresses. The extra length of a king single makes a major difference for taller children or adults. Since the width is roughly the same for both beds, they can only fit one sleeper.

Single vs. Toddler

A single is the smallest mattress available, other than a crib or toddler mattress. Oftentimes, children will upgrade from a crib mattress to a single mattress when they are old enough to climb out of their crib. A single mattress with a low bed frame is ideal for children who will not outgrow it for several years.